Reputable and trustworthy authentication is a keystone of any digital transformation project. But for business to really make progress and successfully move towards remote working, passwords need to be made a thing of the past -Freepik

All of a sudden huge swathes of the workforce are working remotely…

Making automation easily understandable to everyone who needs to use it is an essential part of the technology’s development — but why has this not been the goal for the beginning? — FREEPIK.COM

In this singular period in history, investing in sustainability could lift us out of a devastating economic crash — it’s just a matter of framing energy efficiency as an investment, not a cost — FREEPIK
Salary has traditionally been heavily influenced by location — but in a globalized world that is embracing remote working, why should the place you live be a deciding factor? FREEPIK
Public health contact tracing apps are ambitious and already fraught with difficulties. Wearable Sensors and private contract tracing programs maybe a better solution to reaching the crucial 60% threshold for these initiatives to be effective. NEWLAB
Poring through spreadsheets and records is not exciting, but for those that understand the value of data, using AI to discover hidden gems within an organisation changes everything. — Freepik

Coronavirus could mean the end of paper surveys, but companies need to measure employee engagement more than even before. With remote work fast becoming the norm, managers must walk the fine line between surveying and surveying their employees — those that get it right will thrive in a new digital workplace. Freepik
Certain European countries that have been hit hard by COVID-19 also all have a reduced ability to recover using digital tools. AI could not only help those countries to ease out of lockdown, but build a more future-proof society in general. FREEPIK

Charles Towers-Clark

CEO of Pod Group (@PodGroup_IoT) Author of “The WEIRD CEO”. Advocate of Employee Self Responsibility, #FutureOfWork and #AI. Contributor:

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